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A physics sandbox, open world game with very few* options!

An Itch.io exclusive!

First game published with Unity Havok physics!

*unless you have the MORE OPTIONS DLC!!! (PS: the DLC is included in the )

Tower Scripting Reference

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Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

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Version 9

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i just want the


Welp, the title wasn't wrong. You throw cubes into brick towers to collapse them. Very fun 12/10


Looking good. Unfortunately I bought the game, paid using PayPal (I have the receipt), but then an error ocurred when returning to the merchant, so I didn´t make it to the download. Can you help, please?


Sadly I never got a reply. What a pity. Contacted PayPal and asked for a refund.


Add sounds. It will be perfect if I can hear the destruction.

There isn’t anything resembling a “game” to this, but I can’t stop playing with it

Although a lot of the bigger towers lagged/crashed my game it was still a fun and satisfying game! 

This game is wonderful. 


Would I be able to pay you in order to add a few features?

oh my god this game is soo satisfying

This is too good and it should have a warning label saying so.


I'm glad that my first spiritual/sexual awakening could be had to this game. It's truly a transcendent experience that I shall relate unto my grand children one day. We finna turn up to this awesome sauce one day. B[)




I was lead to believe this was a horror sci-fi hentai roguelike visual novel. You really need to be more clear and descriptive in your game titles; it's easy to get confused.


I hate it when creators do this!


makes me feel like a pretty pet


wish sound


I Threw Cubes into brick towers to collapse them and now I cant stop. please send help


games fun. needs a story mode or campange tho


I get to throw bricks at a tower 10/10

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I can't seem to fly around. Everything else seems to work fine. OS is Win11


You'll probably find it's really slow. Use your scroll wheel on the mouse to adjust the speed. I had to change it a lot to make moving anywhere near usable.


Hi, how can I reset resolutions settings?
I accidentally enlarged the screen, I can't change it anymore


This is exactly what it says on the tin, and honestly it's all you could ever need out of a game.


made my 2080 struggle at 4k resolution.  Good Job.  10/10. simple. silly. fun.


Destroyed my 3070M on max settings; 5/5.

Finally a game for me

This is cool! love the physics


I really liked playing this game; i would give it 9/11

Simple idea, beautifully executed - can't stop playing! Best $ spent this year.


Working flawless under linux via Wine / Lutris

I'm glad to hear this!


fun game


why is this so fun I have been playing for 2 hours send help


pretty good physics, I rate them 9/11

Hey uh
the game crashes when im trying to start it.

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Runs very well, even with a lot of objects. Very nice :D


is there anything better than destruction with no consequences? thank you 10/10

good job


Yooo! Haven't logged into my Itchio in a long time and saw this game.. It was strangely addicting blowing up cubes! Very surprise hit for me! Thanks!


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i need card to pay here please i dont have paypal and i dont want pay on paypal so i want pay card here please add pay to card

i bought the game , i have it in my paypal history and i uninstalled the game , and i dont know how to get it back

Send me a mail to nothke@gmail.com

Check out this page for info on how to redownload your games! https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

cool, but can you make it so that you hear the sound of an explosion hit you based on where you are and the speed of sound

This is all i ever wanted. Thank you.

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