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A physics sandbox, open world game with very few* options!

An Itch.io exclusive!

First game published with Unity Havok physics!

*unless you have the MORE OPTIONS DLC!!! (PS: the DLC is included in the )

Tower Scripting Reference

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Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

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Version 9

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Please publish a mac / osx build and I will purchase.


I've had a lot of fun playing this game! You could really build on this! Keep up the good work!

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Enjoying this game so far, probably one of the better games from the racial equality bundle thing.

I've got a few suggestions that should be fairly easy to implement:

  • Add a way to make the dynamite 'sticky' so you can plant the bombs on certain places and then manually detonate.
  • A way to rotate the camera around a certain point with middle mouse button, it would be nice to view towers from a different angles easier.
  • I don't actually know if this would be easy or not to add but a key to screenshot (perhaps f12 or something) would be nice to take screenshots. But using printscreen is easy enough to use so its fine if this is never added.
  • This DEFINITELY won't be easy to add (I think, I wouldn't know), but a first person mode would be pretty neat.

Thanks for the enjoyable game and looking forward to any updates you have planned!


This game is so fun! I have a lot of suggestions for it, but I have four suggestions that are low-effort/easy:

  • Use Q/E to fly up/down
  • Press space to pause/resume time
  • Additional mode for dynamite: "detonate on impact"
  • Add a "UI scale" slider. On my 4k monitor, the UI is extremely tiny and hard to use.

Thanks for making a fun game, and an excellent showcase of ECS physics!


  • Q/E up/down - A few people already suggested it, will add.
  • Space to pause - not bad, will think about it
  • Detonate on impact - once I figure out how to properly do collision triggers, I'll add the option
  • I have replaced the UI backend and one of the new features is ability to scale the UI, so it will be available in the next update :)

Btw, thanks for your additions to the Command Terminal Plus, I've been using your fork :) not on this project tho.

This game is exactly what it says on the tin, and I dig it for (or maybe despite?) that. Good stuff, dev!


Awesome game!   Very satisfying visuals as well.

This 38 yo human was up past midnight throwing cubes into brick towers to collapse them.  It’s weirdly satisfying, and I really enjoy it a lot.  Thank you!

i have already bought the game, is there a way i can get it without buying it again?

Yeah you gotta download it not from this page, but from the bundle list page.

I got this game from BLM bundle and I like it


My current contender for game of the year.

Great game! I really like it. But the stick_building tower doesn't work, when I press build nothing appears.

Also how do we get the towers of the first versions of the game (with a true brick pattern, not just one on top of the other)?


classic_tower is identical to the old default tower. stick_building works just fine for me. Can you send me the log file, not sure if this is a bug on my side.

I played for almost an hour and half at 1st time.  it was really cool when i realized i could move around.  today though when i try to fly around and stop pressing the wasd i keep moving unless i turn down the scroll wheel, wasn't doing that the 1st time..  Also can it be set dynamite be set by inputting a number, and perhaps a relation ship to that number in real world 1= 1 stick on tnt 10 =100 sticks or something to that effect, 3 sides might be fun(triangles).


What an awesome physics toy!  We've had a few hiccups on rare occasions but overall this is a lot more polished and fun than I had initially anticipated.  My kids love it too, they spend hours tearing apart towers with wind and gravity and laughing like madmen the whole time.  

I got this in THE bundle but it is so relaxing, simple yet brilliant and enthralling, that I purchased it again!
As a small suggestion I support what was already mentioned in the previous comments: more in-depth graphical settings.
I also have something else but might be not-doable/sci-fi: would it be possible to have the shapes interact physically with each other only when the user interacts with them first? It could prevent the stuttering for big towers even when the building is freshly built (and perhaps "premature collapsing" also). 
Thanks :)


Hey there!

This game looks amazing from the screenshots and I've been wondering whether it'd be possible to have a linux version in the future?

Was having a lot of fun with this, but then I accidentally set the resolution to 320x240 fullscreen and can't set it back. Is there a config file somewhere I can edit?

See this section in troubleshooting

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solved, thanks! Really love this game, very satisfying!

Had a bunch of fun messing with the game! Only thing is the controls are a little irritating to use. I just picture it being better with more minecraft-like controls and it would be perfect. Still love the game though :)


I did not expect to play with this for a solid hour straight. Playing with the settings delivered some totally unexpected results. Way too much fun!

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The name caught my eye and I wasn't really expecting anything at all, but this was a delightful game! Such a satisfying experience, I loved messing around with all the settings.


To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but this is amazingly satisfying! Thank you!


Destruction can be beautiful https://imgur.com/6qyl4Jb


It's a game about throwing cubes into a tower to collapse them, and I love it. The dynamite is incredible.


This is very good, and oddly satisfying. Thank you!


YES.  Thank you.  I used to play the hidden mode in Sumatori Dreams for hours, so this is beautiful to me.

This is silly and a good time waster. My computer does not like it when it make the tower really tall. 

Windows told me it was a virus lol

Would love to play, but it won't launch on my machine :(

Win10 x64, NVidia 750Ti, 2.7GHz hex-core, 8GB RAM

The Unity symbol comes up with a red exclamation point for a few seconds, then my whole screen goes black and I crash to desktop

Can you send me the log file? How to find the log file


Amazing experience, got it through the bundle and would probably pay 5 bucks just for this game xD

Now if you could add an option to disable some graphic features like dynamic lighting or anti-aliasing to improve the performance, you would make me very happy :)


Good idea. I'll try adding that in the next version!


Love it. Absolutely brilliant and completely addictive.


Only thing missing: audio, fuse mode: proximity/collision & time-of-day controls

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I know. I tried adding sounds, but it didn't sound good. It would take a long time to make it really good.


Is this 9/11 the game?


911 but the terrorists couldn't afford planes. 

A very pleasant way to spend some time, slowing all the physics simulations way down can make for pretty imagery and patterns, if you're into that sort of thing


I won't lie to you, easily one of the most enjoyable games in a long time


Great way to spend an afternoon. There ought to be options to disable raytracing and just have ambient lighting, though

I don't know what you mean by raytracing, there is none.

Ah, but still, you know what I mean.


this is the best game i have ever played


I just enjoy making the towers fall, it's very satisfying.


I kind of liked the update before this one, like 6-7 months ago, it worked much better for me, I think it's much harder to create towers to not collapse on spawn now. :(

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There should be little difference. Make sure to use "variable" timestep mode, because if you use the "realtime" mode and tower loading is a little slower, the first frame will be slow and the tower tends to explode. I'll try to fix for the next update.


This triggers my autism... LOVE IT!


How do you reset the resolution to default if the resolution is unusable to click the menus?

Haha my computer collapses as well but it's super satifying

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