The File update, and MagicaVoxel

The File update!

Save/Load window

Previously, the only way to execute code was to write it in the Code window or alt+tab and manually copy from the example files. This has now become easier with the save/load window. Be careful tho, there is no "do you want to overwrite?" prompt, so you can easily save over something you've already done.

Any files from <GamePath>/Towers/ will be loaded

MagicaVoxel loader

A new EXPERIMENTAL feature is the MagicaVoxel file loader. You can load the file exported from MagicaVoxel as "POINT" .ply file. Be very careful because most example files have A LOT of cubes. You can see the cube count when you select the file and I don't suggest loading over 20k cubes.

IMPORTANT: You must export from MagicaVoxel as POINT file, and save it into <GamePath>/MagicaVoxel/ folder

Code changes

A few utility functions have been added, most notably the addition of randomize_colors([color1], [color2]) function, which colors all bricks into 2 shades at random order, similar how the tower in pre-code era looked. If no color arguments are passed 2 shades of gray will be used.

TL:DR: Just add randomize_colors() to the end of your scripts and it will automatically variably shade them.

I have also added a script_version parameter, this is an integer that will be incremented with each new script version. You can use it to check compatibilites for possibly deprecated functions. For example

if script_version < 1 then print("This script is not compatible with your version of the game") end

BREAKING CHANGE: Brick rotations are now in degrees, instead of radians. This was an oversight in the original version, and it was intended to use degrees from the start. You can use rad2deg(vector) to quickly convert your old radians-based code to degrees

A few more utility functions have been added, check code ref github page for all changes.

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Version 6 Oct 02, 2019

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