"Dynamite Update" now out!


Dynamite Update!

..and it's the third development day!

Now you can not only throw red boxes into brick towers, you can also throw dynamites!! Aaand there's a lot more options now!

Pricing notice:

I have decided to increase the price of the game (now seriously, unlike the joke from yesterday's DLC) from 1 to 2€ effective from this update. That is because I feel the game is turning into something more featureful than just red boxes thrown into white boxes. This does not affect anyone who has already bought the game and there will be no additional costs. I do not have plans to change the price any further, it will stay 2€ for some time.

What about Linux and Mac?

Tomorrow, I will try to build the game for Linux and OSX. I am not sure that I will be successful because the tech used in the game (Havok physics package, ECS, Burst compiler..) are pretty fresh Unity tech and might not build for those platforms. We'll find out tomorrow!


  • You can now throw dynamites, adjust power and fuse time, or manually blow them up at once;
  • Added simple wind. Laminar blows directly from a direction, turbulent creates small vortices;
  • Throwing velocity can now be set;
  • Increased camera angle so that you can look directly up and directly down;
  • Increased shadow distance;
  • Camera bounds increased, ceiling used to be 1km, now it's 10km;
  • You can change the solver iteration count now, increasing it will make big stacks more stable, but will reduce the FPS;
  • Speed of sound setting which changes the speed of explosion propagation (It doesn't have to anything with audio, there is none for now).
  • You can control world gravity now;

You can see most of the newly available options in the image:


TCIBTTCT + Dynamite update 31 MB
Sep 26, 2019

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