The "Flat" update now out!

The "Flat" update

Not a big update this time. A new feature is that the width and length of walls can now be set independently.  Hence you can build "flat" and long buildings.

There's 2 more physics settings options that can change the way the physics behaves: the "real time mode" where the simulation always stays in sync with real time, for the cost of stability, and the "variable step mode" which stays keeps the same physics framerate no matter the fps, keeping the stability of simulation high but slowing down the time. 

A lot of small fixes, and an exit prompt on ESC. See changelog for extensive information.

Unfortunately no Linux and Mac builds :'(

Looks like cross-compiling Burst code, from Windows to Linux or Mac is not possible. Burst compiler is required for this game to run as fast as it does and the physics engine simply requires it, so unfortunately, I am not able to build for Linux or Max as I only have a Windows machine. 


The next update is going to be much more important. Wait for it.. :)


- Separate wall length and width setting;
- Added tooltips for some ambigous settings;
- Extended physics settings:
    - Added ability to switch between "variable" and "real time" physics step mode. Real Time setting guarantees that simulation will run at real time, but precision is greatly reduced if the fps is low. Variable timestep on the other hand slows down time to wait for the calculations to finish;
    - Timescale can now be set to speed up / slow down simulation;
- Fixed: dynamite collider was of incorrect size and orientation;
- Fixed: brick width slider being zeroed out by length;
- Fixed some UI label "leaks";
- Possibly improved performance by setting collider bevel radius to non zero value;
- Added quit prompt when escape is pressed;
- No pause during quit prompt due to modifying timeScale causing instabilities in stacks (to be fixed in the future);


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Sep 30, 2019

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can u add a tank mode please


Thanks for updating. Keep up the good work. Oooh, wonder what's next??? :)