Compatibility Update

Hi! Long time no build...

Well, here is a small one that should fix some crashes and also added a resolution screen!

Burst Compiler Update

The project has been updated to the newest Burst compiler update. This not only brings in the newest optimizations for the physics, but also should fix a gamebreaking crash for some CPUs. The old version has had an issue where it would always attempt to run SSE4 instructions, even if the CPU doesn't support them, causing the game to crash on start. Therefore if you've had CPUs like old AMDs, including Phenoms (I and II), Athlons or Semprons, you were not able to play the game.

Set Resolution Window

I have overlooked the fact that Unity no longer comes with a built-in startup resolution settings window. So, as requested by some players, I've also added a window for setting the resolution in-game. It also includes the option to run the game in windowed mode. You can find open it by clicking on the "Settings" button at the bottom of the Toolbox.

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Version 7 Nov 18, 2019

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managed to accidently get the sim running in such a low resolution that I cant even see to get to the resolution settings page, is there a way to reset resolution?

Yes, see here.

sorted thanks

Hey, I have already bought this tower physics game. Do I get this version to? Or do I have to pay for each updates? If I get it, where?

If you are using the itch desktop app, then the game will automatically update. If you are just using itch via browser, then the download on the page is the newest version.