Gamebreaking Fix Update

Game-breaking Parsing fix

After changing the system in the last update to be based purely on tower code files, some people reported that no towers would ever spawn. It is one of those terrible "It works on my machine" bugs, because, yes, everything on my machine worked fine and it was not possible for me to reproduce the bug. I incorrectly blamed system file reading rights (although this could still be a problem) as a culprit. Thanks to people that sent me log files, I have figured out the issue. The problem was actually a part of extracting parameters from the tower files and parsing float values. Due to the so called "system culture", some systems use comma (,) as a decimal delimiter, while some systems use period (.), and hence parsing function expected values in that format. Since my system uses period, I didn't have a problem, but it made the game unplayable for people from ALL THESE COUNTRIES. The fix was to make sure parsing function uses invariant culture, and now it works the same for everyone.

Thanks to bgr for suggesting what the issue could be and Jordan and Chris for testing the game and reporting that their issue is now fixed.

Package updates

I updated Unity Entities, Havok physics, and ECS Renderer versions to newest ones. Some parts of the game had to be rewritten to support new features, and I am getting around 5-10% speed up compared to the previous version.


  • Fixed "no towers appear on start" issue for some people;
  • Updated ECS, Havok physics, Renderer versions;
  • Added a little shadow to quit text to make it more readable

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Version 9 Apr 09, 2020

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how many cpu cores is this optomized for?


i just recenty updated to a amd 3900x with 12 cors 24 threads and looking at task manager only about 8-10 are at 100% when i have a max block tower... just curious though.

Interesting! On my computer it occupies all 8/8 threads. I didn't put any limitation myself, that could be Unity or perhaps OS limiting the number of cores per process? I will put a little debug in the next update to see how many worker threads the game spawns.