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Do you miss airports?

Do you miss that wonderful feeling of negotiating through duty free shop mazes, running through suffocating perfume clouds, while trying to desperately find your gate??


Well, in Interminal, there are no gates to worry about! You are here forever and you can navigate, smell perfumes and SHOP as long as you want! Truly an architect's masterpiece and CEOs dream!

..or you can just watch the planes go by..

Where are the toilets you ask? ..The legends say people who went looking never came back...

Made for #procjam and #7dfps 2020

All 3D models were created by us during the jam (except the mountains)


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Version 4
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The architecture and mountains remind me of the Hong Kong airport, where we stayed for a 17 hour layover when our original flights were cancelled. Great simulation of that experience!


A most banal horror. J.G. Ballard would approve.

If I found myself trapped in this endless space, how long would I last before I tried drinking perfume?

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My game is lagging realy bad. about 8 FPS.


Intel Core 15-2520M CPU @ 2.50 GHz

GPU : Intel HD Graphics 3000

Running Windows 10

Thats all i know for my specs

Hey! Sorry to hear that.
Yeah, the game is very intensive on the GPU, your GPU might be struggling.
Have you tried lowering the resolution from the resolution screen?

I hope you can enjoy the game somehow!


Played this game on M1 Mac 


This game would be really cool in VR, and even cooler if you guys colaborated with chemists and created a system where the player can navigate the game in VR and smells would get dispenced in real time depending on what the player is smelling in the game

Also there's some weird constant flickering of lights in the distance.

Cool game idea and nice aesthetics.


I absolutely adore this! https://www.funvideogames.biz/2020/12/interminal-airport-simulator-of-my.html

Crash on startup

Hi! That's too bad :(
Can you give us more information?
What OS are you playing? other computer specs?

It is certainly not a relatively powerful PC, but it was used in the past for 3D modeling.

Mm, it could be many things. You might be running out of RAM.. or maybe we are using something that requires the latest directX, but you'd need windows 10 for that.

I'm sorry I'm afraid I can't help you much right now :(
I hope you can find another computer to play some day!


Fantastic airport simulator. Highly realistic and full of wonderful SMELLS


Love the environment


superb game (like always) but we need an export function of the list (like txt or alse) baybe with an image of the box in the shopping list :3 (because some image+text are funny)

an other idea is to make the box's size randomized too ?

anyway great job here !