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It's cool that you were able to do this. Do you think that you will ever expand on the game at all?

is fun :D


simple but still good i use this game at the end of my no man's sky vid check out if you want


Game is graphicly intense, my 390 can barely handle this puppy. Beautiful game!


This game has no limits, you see that giant sun out there? You can fly to it. (warning... Game limited by 64 pixels, anything higher will result in major and or minor disappointments.)


Still better than No Man's Sky. Sigh.


You are an idiot.


Can you get out of your ship and walk around?




It would be nice if you could release the source could..... I would love to base a Noctis inspired game of off your code (of course you will be credited too) !


I would love to do that, but I think my code is currently really messy. You are much better off with making your own version =) I would like to refactor the code one day, if I have any free time


I don't have the skills to make my own version so the opportunity to modify your work would be awesome, messy or not.

I really enjoy the simplicity of it id really only like to change the frame of the ship to something thin, perhaps neon wire frame for a proper throw back.

Great work, its really scratching my itch for space right now!


Thank you for making this game. This game is way better then the No Man's Sky in any aspects.There's no need to figure out the way to fix the ship. Also there's no annoying drone that's monitor you all the time and attack you when they want. It's simply better.


Norman's Sky... totally not suppose to be a pixelated version of No Man's Sky.


please please please port this to Android


You got me at seamless landings

I definitely love this little game. Thanks. <3

Can't launch on Ubuntu for some reason. When manually launched, I am told "no program for executable files."

Just a guess, but did you set executing permissions (chmod +x)?


That feeling when No Man's Sky will probably look worse.


Dearest Nothke, a wonderful game is this. Please take my compliments I hope you can.

Dear Nothke, do you plan on making this game again but in a higher resolution?.

if so me and a couple of my partners are interested in collaborating with you.

would you accept the offer?

please email me if you you would like to


Nah man, if you increase the resolution, the graphics might look a little bit *sloppy*

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Thank you so much for making this for mac!!

But... shouldn't this be called Poor Man's Sky?


I'm as excited for No Man's Sky as I am broke, so this surely is the game for me!

oh wow, on the #lowresjam2016 there are tons of people that stole and submitted your game

I don't know what you mean, I saw a few good ones with a similar idea or mechanics, but not exactly "stole" my game


Really fun, and only 10 hour of work .... congratulation !


this game is good. i download and played it. recorded some footage while in hyperspeed when i was AFK and nearly hit a planet. really good for 10hours and just pixels. amazing. wish my controller worked properly but the Dpad and analog sticks dont work and aint picking up so its hard to go forward with the triggers when they dont read.

wish there was a version for android, where the acceloremeter is the pitch/roll, two sticks one for foward/back/left/right the other yaw/up/down with a button for hyperspeed and hyperbreak considering thats all the buttons used.

Hello, i'm having trouble downloading this, as it's absolutely refusing to download.

Can you help me out?

I have no problem downloading any of the versions. Maybe some browser extension is preventing it, or popups blocker?

Had the same problem: open browser console (F12), see the error message and link, copy paste link, accept the security exception, done.

Hey ! Very good game for so small ammount of game good job.What engine you used to make it though ? I'm new to these stuff and I am mostly practicing with unity what engine you used to make this game ? or programming langauge I guess

Oh I saw on of your earlier replies I guess you made it with unity very interesting I didnt know it was possible to make graphics like this in unity.Can you make some tutorials for games like these ? or maybe a livestream when you join another game jam like this maybe ? :D

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There is a way to render all objects with a pixel effect in Unity using an image effect on the camera. So in other words, you can make a game just like normal (with normal details, etc) all you need to do is add this image effect to the camera and the game will output in a low-pixel rendering. Makes it a whole lot easier to get the desired effect.

Hmmm Cool thanks mate.

Amazing game. Somehow, the low graphics make it better, as I'm afraid what high resolution graphics would look like.


i think i broke the game, i left the ship hyperspeeding for like 10 mins I ended up in a huge dark matter!! i can't see any other planet or star. there's no way i can know whare i was or where i came from xD!!

LOL. i left it going for 6mins while i ate came back and stopped found a planet in the discription and went for it in hyperspeed and crashed into it. i found out where and what i past in the 6mins because i recorded with fraps, i nearly hit a planet on the way to no where

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This game looks amazing, yet I am on LXLE, based on Ubuntu 15.04, and I am crashing when importing game controller configs... Code posted below...

titan@mythos:~/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux$ ./NormansSky.x86

Set current directory to /home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux

Found path: /home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky.x86

Mono path[0] = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Managed'

Mono path[1] = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Mono'

Mono config path = '/home/titan/Games/NormansSky_003_Linux/NormansSky_Data/Mono/etc'

displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.4

displaymanager : trying .X11-unix

client :0 has 1 screens

displaymanager screen (0): 1280 x 800

Using libudev for joystick management

Importing game controller configs



Edit: The screen briefly flashes a black window before failing.

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Hi, thanks for the report. Are other Unity games working on your system?

EDIT: It could be that you need 32bit version of problematic modules, see the comment by HijackedBrain below. I will build the next update as 32bit+64bit universal so that should solve the module issues


Hey nothke, mine is crashing as well, but I've just noticed something:

Jump to the controls part before launching and it'll show up a seemingly endless list of controls mapping cancel to escape...

I think it might be that, of course, my computer is REALLY, REALLY OLD, but my hunch tells me is not that.

Those libraries are already installed..... My player log is bare as well.... Other Unity games seem to work...


a Widescreen version and an Android version should be really really really cool!!!


You're gonna make this a game right?

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this is based off of no man's sky, which comes out in june. why would this become a full game if a higher quality game of the same type comes out very soon?

Can you made a Wide-Screen version? Your game is so awesome!

the game is awesome, simple, but awsome.

what about making it with a simple but fancy graphic?

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It seems like there is a problem with the postJam 003 (and 002 Jam) linux version. It cannot locate the library ( Screenshot)

FIXED : For those having the problem. Think about installing the 32 bits version of the library (eg : apt-get install libxcursor1:i386 )

PS : Using Debian 8.3 jessie + Gnome


Is there any way you could make this into a full game with somewhat better graphics and not as annoying of sounds? I mean, it's really good as it is, but I think it would be pretty fun if it gets an upgrade.


like this?

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This is really cool, but the controls feel kinda awkward and the sound can be kinda of annoying.

I liked it overall. It reminds me of Descent, only even blockier (but I like retro feel a lot more as an adult)

Let me know if this gets made into a real game, especially if it's shooty like Descent. :

Heck, I'll even pay indie prices for it.

no mans sky

can you make this for android

doesn't allow me to download? I'm on windows..


Oh man, this is a seriously beautiful game. I can imagine long hours in this world, going from planet to planet, star to star, maybe while listening to something else, maybe just on its own. Really is a lovely place, everything I hoped No Man's Sky would be before I found out they were adding "survival" and "combat" and "trading" elements. I just want to explore the universe, is that so bad?

there is nothing stopping you from doing that in no mans sky


actually there is. if you read the latest IGN news and watch the recent videos you will know that you are required to do the combat-survival stuff to gather feul and elements and to upgrade yourship and stuff.. what's WONDERFUL about Norman'sSky is that the thing is simpe, fly that ship to any pixel dot you see and you will be able to lang on it.. it's beautiful

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