A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Put on some [8bit] ambient music and explore the procedurally generated universe..

  • Every dot in the sky can actually be reached and landed on
  • Uses Newtonian physics.. but equipped with a "hyper-brake"
    • you can actually achieve stable orbits around bodies
  • Awful sounds to go with the resolution
  • ..And well, nothing really much else

Made in 10 hours for #lowresjam2016
by @Nothke


W, S - Forwards, Backwards
A, D - Left, Right
Z, X - Down, Up

left, right arrows - Roll
up, down arrow - Pitch
Q, E - Yaw

Ctrl to dampen rotation
hold Ctrl + forward for hyperspeed
Hold space to use hyperbrakes

- Fixed fog

003 (post JAM):
- removed central pillar from the cockpit
- windows got dirtier with age
- planets now come with or without atmospheres
- new "external" atmosphere shader
- randomized atmosphere colors
- atmospheres are 2x higher
- flying in atmospheres is much slower, but easier to control
- RCS doesn't work inside atmosphere, control surfaces do
- neither does hyperdrive
- added hyperspace speedticle anomalies
- pdb bloat removed from windows version

More information

Published312 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsExploration, Procedural Generation, Space, Space Sim


[post JAM] NormansSky_003_win.zip (10 MB)
[post JAM] NormansSky_003_OSX.zip (13 MB)
[post JAM] NormansSky_003_Linux.zip (13 MB)
[JAM] LRJ16_002_win.zip (42 MB)
[JAM] LRJ16_002_OSX.zip (12 MB)
[JAM] LRJ16_002_Linux.zip (13 MB)
WebGL (buggy, ^ standalone recommended)


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First of all, is there a way to pay money for this?

Also, just out of curiosity, how did you make it so that the sky transforms into space as you fly further upwards? How did you incorporate that functionality into Unity?

Please send me your code, I want to make my own game thats procedurally generated like this but with some major differences. You will obviously be sourced.

WOW; IT`s amasing

What language did you use to program the game?

Hi, I used Unity and C#


It's cool that you were able to do this. Do you think that you will ever expand on the game at all?

is fun :D


simple but still good i use this game at the end of my no man's sky vid check out if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjCFksxzALg


Game is graphicly intense, my 390 can barely handle this puppy. Beautiful game!


This game has no limits, you see that giant sun out there? You can fly to it. (warning... Game limited by 64 pixels, anything higher will result in major and or minor disappointments.)


Still better than No Man's Sky. Sigh.


You are an idiot.


can you add something fun to the game

Can you get out of your ship and walk around?




It would be nice if you could release the source could..... I would love to base a Noctis inspired game of off your code (of course you will be credited too) !


I would love to do that, but I think my code is currently really messy. You are much better off with making your own version =) I would like to refactor the code one day, if I have any free time


I don't have the skills to make my own version so the opportunity to modify your work would be awesome, messy or not.

I really enjoy the simplicity of it id really only like to change the frame of the ship to something thin, perhaps neon wire frame for a proper throw back.

Great work, its really scratching my itch for space right now!


Thank you for making this game. This game is way better then the No Man's Sky in any aspects.There's no need to figure out the way to fix the ship. Also there's no annoying drone that's monitor you all the time and attack you when they want. It's simply better.


Norman's Sky... totally not suppose to be a pixelated version of No Man's Sky.

please please please port this to Android


You got me at seamless landings

I definitely love this little game. Thanks. <3

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