Norman's Sky is now open source!

After 5 years since I've originally made Norman's Sky and after numerous people asked me if they can look at the code, I open sourced it! I finally had some time to improve the code and fix bugs that originally existed in the 10 hour version.

You can find the repository here and more details here:

The code in the repo has a few fixes that are different than the build that is currently available on the itch page, namely:

  • This repo is a "fixed" version, with a lot of 10-hour shenanigans refactored
  • Endless universe creation fixed (in the original it was actually broken!)
  • Master branch has been updated to Unity 2019 LTS
  • Spacecraft feel is slightly different due to the refactorings of Motion.cs
  • Planets now have different radii
  • Stars now have different colors depending on the temperature

Besides this, the repo also contains some unfinished prototypes, like a version with a complex instrument panel, and a version with reworked artsyle and walking, both of which are incomplete. Since it's a question if I'll ever go back to continue Norman's Sky, I'm giving out all this code for you to do whatever you wish with it!

I will soon upload a new build to itch based on the fixes I made while making the repo. Till then, enjoy reading and poking at the code!

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Incredible. Thank you so much <3


My goals to make the world a better place require education that this open source helps provide, thank you!