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Can you made a Wide-Screen version? Your game is so awesome!

the game is awesome, simple, but awsome.

what about making it with a simple but fancy graphic?

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It seems like there is a problem with the postJam 003 (and 002 Jam) linux version. It cannot locate the library ( Screenshot)

FIXED : For those having the problem. Think about installing the 32 bits version of the library (eg : apt-get install libxcursor1:i386 )

PS : Using Debian 8.3 jessie + Gnome


Is there any way you could make this into a full game with somewhat better graphics and not as annoying of sounds? I mean, it's really good as it is, but I think it would be pretty fun if it gets an upgrade.


like this?

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This is really cool, but the controls feel kinda awkward and the sound can be kinda of annoying.

I liked it overall. It reminds me of Descent, only even blockier (but I like retro feel a lot more as an adult)

Let me know if this gets made into a real game, especially if it's shooty like Descent. :

Heck, I'll even pay indie prices for it.

no mans sky

can you make this for android

doesn't allow me to download? I'm on windows..

Oh man, this is a seriously beautiful game. I can imagine long hours in this world, going from planet to planet, star to star, maybe while listening to something else, maybe just on its own. Really is a lovely place, everything I hoped No Man's Sky would be before I found out they were adding "survival" and "combat" and "trading" elements. I just want to explore the universe, is that so bad?

there is nothing stopping you from doing that in no mans sky


actually there is. if you read the latest IGN news and watch the recent videos you will know that you are required to do the combat-survival stuff to gather feul and elements and to upgrade yourship and stuff.. what's WONDERFUL about Norman'sSky is that the thing is simpe, fly that ship to any pixel dot you see and you will be able to lang on it.. it's beautiful

Really astounding... Maybe you can add some element and make it a rogue-like?


Really amusing, keep up the good work. :)

so which version is the newest and the best [JAM] or [POST JAM]? The [POST JAM] is much smaller...

[POST JAM] is newer. it's smaller because for the JAM version I accidentally included some debug files which when unpacked are ~150MB

There should be a way to turn the sound off so I can put my own background music (65daysofstatic) or something like that. There may be that optio, but if so I don't know how to find it.

Hey, if you're using a PC you should be able to turn the sound off in the volume mixer (right click volume settings) for individual programs. It's maybe not ideal, but it does the trick if you want to get rid of the sound.

If you're on Mac or Linux then fuck if I know how to do that, but I wouldn't be surprised it's also possible through similar means.

(no affiliation with the dev, by the way, just thought I could be of some help)

This game truly is amazing! itll keep me entertained for the 54 days, 3 hours, 26 minutes and 43 seconds until No Man's Sky comes out!

How do i play it?

Hey i know this is just supposed to be a small fun game but could you maybe try to make it really endless :D cause i flew a couple of minutes in one direction and there were no planets anymore :D (BTW this game is awesome :)

I would really love to! I have some ideas, but very little time to work on it

This is wizardry

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Wow I'm really looking forward to No Man's Sky, but in the meantime, Norman's Sky will keep me busy :D

Edit: I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but whenever I get close to a planet, I can't enter the atmosphere... I get bounced back into space :(

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You are probably going in too fast so as you collide with the planet you get bounced back (since you can't die). You need to slow down, hold space to use a "hyperbrake" just before you approach a planet


true.. just use the breaks you are flying tooo hyperly xD

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