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i love how the phisics in the car works, its really fun to drive, and i think it can become a very good game and even one of my favorites if you develop it a little more


Simple and really fun, thank for this game :)

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Very fun physics and nice game.

My best time is 58,383 so far.


Love the physics!

Hi pirx!

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Will there be a 32x Bits version?

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Wow super fun! love the handling. especially the risk reward that can cause you to flip the car on its side. Adding a ghost of the player's PB would make it even more fun =)

My PB after 30mins of play 55.997

nice but in reverse the car turn in wrong direction :D

Haha, yes, of course, because I apply torque to the car so it applies the torque in the same direction even if reversing. Should make it flip when reversing :P


Love it! Fun physics :)


Really fun car physics, nicely done.


excellent rally physics! really fun to slide