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I've been lost for a while

Where do the trails lead?

Inspired by Thierry Sabine's story of getting lost in the desert during the 1977  Abidjan-Nice rally. I just couldn't stop thinking how it must've felt to be all alone in a vast empty landscape with no awareness of where to go.

Music by Paws Menu

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Features (so far):

  • Riding simulation is fully physics based. There are no 'fake' forces involved. It's all body shifts, steering, precession and tire-surface forces. ...(ok, ok, the only fake forces are when you put feet on the ground, that's a bit wonky for now)
  • 9999999+km² to explore
  • Every speck procedural

Please don't block the game if your firewall asks you.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE CURRENT VERSION: the current version can be considered an early alpha. Don't jump onto reviewing it or spreading [much], it will probably be in a good state in about a week after most issues (that I know of) are fixed and some things improved.



  • Fixed [hopefully] a game breaking bug where you would sometimes spawn under the terrain on start
  • Added a shorcut icon
  • Added the obligatory walking-simulator-zoom-when-holding-right-click™
  • Reduced mipmap bias of trails to make them more visible from distance
  • Improved and added better tutorial text that explains all keys now ingame


  • Whole new surface model:
    • Surfaces now have varying sink rate, bumps and resistance
  • Rider now leans forward for a more natural pose
  • Better elbow positioning
  • Tweaked surface type distribution
  • Halved number of particles when rolling over sand to reduce sudden fps drops


  • Surface calculation now runs at 400hz, just like wheel physics, independant of framerate
  • 3rd person camera will not pass through ground anymore
  • Game now checks if your GPU supports shaders and shows a message that you can't play the game :'(
  • Last active trails will now be uploaded when quitting
  • Fixed an issue where it was theoretically possible to fall of the edge of the map when in walking mode (albeit after walking for several km), because the 'walker' was not set as world tracking target.
  • You can now nicely dismount the bike (till now the only way was to fall off). Press space when the bike is still to dismount.
  • Tweaked handlebar holding distance to prevent arms from snapping
  • Hands do not have completely fixed rotation any more. They now rotate around the handlebar correctly in relation to the body.
    • Also right hand applies the throttle now
    • Needs more work tho to solve rotations around vertical axis
  • Introduced glithces:
    • Elbows sometimes make impossible movements
    • Bike can fly off sometimes when being raised due to surface sink


  • Fixed a critical error where the wheels would sometimes get stuck in the air as if they were on ground
  • Updated bike 3d model and textures, higher poly and with many new details, like.. the tires have actual treads
  • Working speedometer and tachometer
  • Optional tessellated ground rendering. It is a performance hog, but it looks much much better.
    • It is experimental for now because of some visible seams in the distance.
    • It is also a bit different then the classic
    • To run the game with tessellation, set the quality level to "Tessellated Ground (Experimental)"
  • Improved dust particle generation, dust will not be as discontinuous on low fps
  • A few minor optimizations


  • Occasional thin stripes of gravel on the seams no longer appear
  • Fixed a bug in surface resistance calculation that would cause the bike to sometimes violently jerk


  • The wheels now have 'volumetric' motion blur
  • Ingame menu, can be used to set FoV, and toggle wheel motion blur and dust for improved performance
  • Fixed an issue with collision between player and wheels that would cause the bike to fly into space when trying to mount or dismount
  • Bike breaks are now held while rising the bike so it doesn't roll downhill while attempting to mount
  • Fixed a bug where pressing space multiple times during ragdoll-walking transition would teleport you to the bike
  • Improved dust particle rendering - now translucent on the back side
  • Reduced dust particle spawning on collision fivefold, it was unnecesarily generating too much particles that choked performance
  • Intro help text no longer gets interrupted by mounting bike
  • Temporary: The color grading is always yellowish, it never switches due to implementation of the menu. Will be improved later.
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Tagsbike, Driving, Endless, motocross, rally


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Version 5


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lovley racing game

would be nice a new update on this


Very nice and relaxing experience :-)


im wondering if nothke will update this game to make more optmized


I don't know if it's a bug, but i love the little wobbling around you do if you don't move on the bike


I really love this. This is exactly what I want out of an itch game... gives me that perfect feeling. I only wish I could look up a little more in the first person view.

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is there a 32x bits ver?

i didnt checked yet,im going to check it rn

edit: there isnt :( frick.

(1 edit) (+3)


A very pleasant and immersive game.

Really nails home the sensation of being lost, with great visuals, a pointed soundtrack and ambient sounds. The little jank it has just adds to the challenge sometimes, but never takes away the fun in the game.

A very good game!

It's brilliant, I can't wait for next updates

Very fun

why can we only download the a06 if the a07 has been released ?

(1 edit) (+1)

That actually is a07, I just forgot to rename the download on itch, sorry :D Fixed it.

don't worry, thanks you very muchhh !!

I went very far in one direction, did not encounter anything of note, and fell off several times.  I also got stuck in a pit that was steep on all sides until I accidentally pulled off a half-pipe kinda maneuver.

I figure like I've missed something, but perhaps that is the point.

Hello Nothke,

one question, is there an end or world border to this game?


It's a mystery.

it sounds like a challenge to me

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OK  I like this sim a lot, but  little bit of constructive criticism: Please consider a readme or a menu with more complete instructions, like on how to get into the helmet view once underway.

And also, are you considering doing shader based vegetation?

  I was involved with getting motorcycles into the open source, GPL flightsim FlightGear.    I admit our physics package is a complete bodge, but you do get to basically "Ride the World, with FlightGear's auto TerraSynch download, and the roads actually represented in the scenery.

  Do a search for Marc Kraus.de Lake of Constance, FlightGear Hangar for the FG motorcycles and GP race courses.

   Also as a motorcycle enthusiast I'm wondering why the rider gets thrown 20 feet to the side when the bike falls when at standstill?  Couldn't you just have his view transfer off to the side a couple feet at ground level? I downloaded this about 27 days ago so I assume I've got the most recent version.  Thanks for your work on this, it would be nice to collaborate if you'd like.

Procedural generation, sublime physics and a concentration on ambient sounds makes this truly a standout game for me. and you sir have executed all of this beautifully, I am deeply excited about your further endeavours and will treat your name with great respect.

This game is truly a work of art, and your approach to game design and development is wonderfully refreshing. I for one hope that you're unique thought and your dedication is rewarded thoroughly.

Figuratively speaking, I cannot wait to enjoy the newest update including that beautifully crafted map, and I harbour and even greater excitement for your upcoming title INFINLAND!

Thank you.

Wow... I'm.. Speechless. Thanks a lot! I doubt myself every day and this makes me feel much better and more confident in my choices. You just gave me a few extra kicks to get things done and keep working :) Maybe the execution is not as perfect as you say, there are a few bugs I am ashamed of haha :| I hope so too that the dedication will be rewarded, I mean, you just rewarded me, so, you tell the truth :)

The udpate to the Trails' will hopefully be done until the end of the month, and then I'm full time back on INFINLAND :)

Thanks again, means a lot! Keep following and I'll keep you informed

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Awesome game. Keep it up


Incredible experience so far. I've always had a fondness for dirtbikes in the desert, and being able to just ride forever here feels great. And it looks great too. The handling could be a little bit more forgiving for my taste; I can sure drive but to get into the flow I'd want to be able to swish a little more, if you know what I mean. A bit more graceful movement. Especially when going slow the bike often starts swerving out of control.
The best part is the scroll wheel, which you don't advertise, but I tried it to zoom out and it worked. So good. Looking forward to future updates.




Thanks! Stay tuned for more to come :)

I just get a black screen when I launch it. It shows the words and stuff but thats it.

Check the other comment by Arethrid, unfortunately, your GPU probably doesn't support HDRP shaders. I will try to make the check before the game starts loading to inform you if they are supported

Yeah it's proubly my gpu.

Hi, I am stuck at the screen that reads "Hold the handlebar to start riding".

hey, the "hold the handlebar to start riding" text should happen after you stand up, and now you can walk to the bike. Does it get frozen?

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It works perfectly fine on my gaming PC at home. 

I had this problem with my laptop in my office. It has an integrated Intel GPU and I think it doesn't support some pixel shader versions. I am able to see the text but then I get a black screen when it should render 3D graphics.  I can hear walking sound effects and the bike but I see a black screen with text written on it as if the screen buffer doesn't even refresh. 

The laptop can run several other Unity games but maybe you are using a high level shader effect?

Ah, most probably. I am using the new Unity HDRP rendering pipeline. It is pretty fresh and still officially in experimental phase, so it's possible it might not work on some systems. Can you send me the log to nothke@gmail.com? It might say something about this issue. The log should be in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nothke\TrailsOfTenere\output_log.txt'

I have sent you the log file. 

It says "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: " and  "ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU"

So it is actually about pixel/vertex shader versions.

Thanks! Yeah... It must be GPU related, unfortunately. I had no idea. I will try to get a clarification from Unity. Sorry :(