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i need card to pay here please i dont have paypal and i dont want pay on paypal so i want pay card here please add pay to card

i bought the game , i have it in my paypal history and i uninstalled the game , and i dont know how to get it back

Send me a mail to

Check out this page for info on how to redownload your games!

cool, but can you make it so that you hear the sound of an explosion hit you based on where you are and the speed of sound

This is all i ever wanted. Thank you.


Build Brick Towers to Throw Cubes into, a mod for Throw Cubes into Brick Towers To Collapse Them

Adds 5 new types of towers, from tapering obelisks to concentric buildings with setbacks.

Unzip it into your towers install, or copy the .lua files into the Towers subfolder of your install.


Woaaa. That's super cool! Thanks!!

Nice one!


A tapered smokestack


I made a tower that stacks concentric rings with a setback every few floors.

That is amazing!! Thanks!

So much satisfaction, time melts away... excellent fun! Also runs perfectly in Linux/Wine, I'm using Lutris 6.4. A Linux version would be cool though, wink wink. ;)


im satisfyed

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Thank you so much Nothke for including this game in the bundle for racial equality and justice. I had a really fun time playing and reviewing this game of relaxing destruction! 

My full review is posted here:

An update would be nice, but fun game!

Extremely simple and extremely satisfying. Really cool digital toy.



This somehow keeps me entertained for hours, like some sorta jangling keys

So whens the next update coming out?


The only thing that would make this better is to be able to click on individual blocks to remove them, to slowly remove block after block until the tower collapses. 

hello! I have a problem with the resolution. I accidentally changed it, and cannot go back. BUT! This is only through the Itch app; if I start the game directly from the .exe file, it runs with the original resolution, as if both configurations were kept separately. Can you help me fix it? Thanks in advance!!!


purchased game and got no email, also emailed the creator and got no reply


purchased game but never received the email with the download link...

Game is broken. Sent a log file, but the developer ignored


Sorry, I didn't have time to reply.

great game just having a problem where the camera wont stop moving to the left I unpluged all controllers but its still going

Just press the left key again. I don't know what's the problem exactly, but once you press (and release) the same button again it should "unstick".

I’m absolutely loving this so far it’s amazing but I have a big problem idk if it’s a bug or I just clicked something but I can not spawn a tower I don’t have any brick options to make one? Please help

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Send the log to my mail, see here

I fixed it just had to redownload game thanks for responding tho

I set the resolution to Windowed just to try it out and now I can't get back into fullscreen. Even tried reinstalling the game but it just loads back up into windowed mode, which doesn't let me access the settings tab. What can I do to get the game into fullscreen mode again?? 

See here


Will there be more updates to this game in the future? It's really fun :D


Yes, one is coming in a few days actually

is there a another area where u can buy the dlc or is in already in the game?

It's already in the game! The DLC post was just a joke :D There are no actual DLCs!

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry, can you send me a mail? See here

Deleted 1 year ago

make it free

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the tower doesn't move, the physics are frozen

i'm having that same issue


physic not launch. the block stay fixed, the tower not move, nothing happen, dynamite not work too ...

I have the same issue, if you ever find a fix can you let me know?

Sorry about that. Can you send me the log file? See here


Sorry about that. Can you send me the log file? See here


Very addictive


the title is cofusing,

there's no way to know what the game is all about


I play this more than i should

This is a very good video-game.

I am deeply pleased and honored to receive this prestigious praise from the one and only Fernando Ramallo

Please publish a mac / osx build and I will purchase.


I've had a lot of fun playing this game! You could really build on this! Keep up the good work!

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Enjoying this game so far, probably one of the better games from the racial equality bundle thing.

I've got a few suggestions that should be fairly easy to implement:

  • Add a way to make the dynamite 'sticky' so you can plant the bombs on certain places and then manually detonate.
  • A way to rotate the camera around a certain point with middle mouse button, it would be nice to view towers from a different angles easier.
  • I don't actually know if this would be easy or not to add but a key to screenshot (perhaps f12 or something) would be nice to take screenshots. But using printscreen is easy enough to use so its fine if this is never added.
  • This DEFINITELY won't be easy to add (I think, I wouldn't know), but a first person mode would be pretty neat.

Thanks for the enjoyable game and looking forward to any updates you have planned!


This game is so fun! I have a lot of suggestions for it, but I have four suggestions that are low-effort/easy:

  • Use Q/E to fly up/down
  • Press space to pause/resume time
  • Additional mode for dynamite: "detonate on impact"
  • Add a "UI scale" slider. On my 4k monitor, the UI is extremely tiny and hard to use.

Thanks for making a fun game, and an excellent showcase of ECS physics!


  • Q/E up/down - A few people already suggested it, will add.
  • Space to pause - not bad, will think about it
  • Detonate on impact - once I figure out how to properly do collision triggers, I'll add the option
  • I have replaced the UI backend and one of the new features is ability to scale the UI, so it will be available in the next update :)

Btw, thanks for your additions to the Command Terminal Plus, I've been using your fork :) not on this project tho.

Hey dude, nice simulation :),

ive got some interesting fact, then i place a stick tower with this configuration: Floors 100, Width 10, Length 10, Pillar 1, pillar height:10, Beam Height: 10, Beam Height: 1 Floorboard: 1.
The Game will struggle, but then i place some dynamite all over the building and let them explode the game runs perfect?? I see all objects flying around nothing changed on the object limit?? But its running smooth on explosion xD. (yea the falling object are still slowed down by process but i can fly around again with the camera)  Next is, can you please support more cores to build bigger Towers? I know thats even special but im using a Ryzen 9 and by struggeling that game on 10 fps by that tower my cpu usage is only between 10-22%? Max 32 (Big Cube).

Hi! Thanks!

The reason tall stacks run slow is because there is a large amount of contacts, when bricks overlap (in contact) they need to be "pushed away" from each other (aka depenetration), this is the expensive part. When you blow up the tower bricks go flying and the number of contacts falls significantly, that's why the game suddenly runs smoothly.

The game currently uses 8 cores for physics, and even if spreading to more cores might sound good, the Havok devs told me that there are diminishing returns and spreading to more cores does not seem to improve performance. However they also told me they are working on improving that, so it might've changed in the mean time. The next version will come with the option to set custom number of cores used for physics, so you'll be able to try it yourself.

This game is exactly what it says on the tin, and I dig it for (or maybe despite?) that. Good stuff, dev!


Awesome game!   Very satisfying visuals as well.
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