World Record: 33.1 -



  • now running in 60fps
  • now showing split times and difference from the splits in your best lap
  • reordered time display to make a bit more sense
  • a bit less particles and tire marks so it can run smoothly in 60fps
  • added menu entries for start rally and debug view (press enter)
    •  ..but X still works for quick restarting


  • added 64x64 mode to be compatible with #LOWREZJAM rules
    • you can toggle the LOWREZ MODE in the menu (press enter)
    • there is no info screen in lowrez mode as it can't fit
    • no previous laptime is shown, only best
    • no split time is shown, only diff
  • colors in sector HUD now reflect the split difference - red slower, green faster

Source pico8 cart is available here:

Development log


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amazing game! just one thing. maybe when u accidentaly go in water u go less slow? because i almost always like 2 minutes getting off the water


One of the funnest games I've played on itch. My only complaint is getting stuck between trees, but that's kind of nitpicky.

Cool, i stuck on the trees several times ;D


i love it!