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i achieved orbit

i achieved really fast


Will this ever be updated again? I love this thing and it would be awesome to see it expand.

Hi, can you share a file?

It'll be cool with map and more blocks


how do i start the launch?

top right corner button

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i found another glitch, i make a triangle spaceship and to fill it in i just put in a bunch of wings and also 2 thrusters. when i tested it out it just started going in the wrong deriction it was going west, no matter what i tried. it went into the wrong deriction at start.

i found a glitch. this glitch is where i make a nice straght (very long) spaceship and i add wings using the thin  fuel tank it started to turn very quickly, i decided to just start spinning  and i started to look like i was powering the entire spaceship. then when i also turned my boosters on a few seconds later the spaceship just exploded.

Yeah, the physics is kinda hacked together, there's a lot of weird behavior I also noticed haha. I won't be fixing it, unfortunately.

the game crashed, its saying out of memory

I know, it happens often. Not sure what exactly causes it. Probably won't fix it. If you are interested, the source is here

i think its because i pushed it to the absolute limit


Nice job! this is a great simulation. Some ideas for the future: 

1) decouplers

2) angular friction

3) zoom in - out

4) atmosphere

these tips might be too hard, but I think it would be AWESOME if you manage to do it!

oh and another one: Map screen

I won't be updating it. But the source is available so you, or anyone else, can add features yourself.

Thank you for informing me about this

hhow to fly?


what are the controls?


earth is flat!


Yes, you right =)

oh man, I love this! the pico 8 is so powerful...


Couldn't get it to launch....



Awesome game! Could you just please make a downloadable version? Thanks!

Uhhh... How do you progress and reach other planets. I just keep flying out of the screen and it glitches out. how do you win.

good so far and has some serious potential. some more parts and a big map would be nice, maybe even some more planets. I cant wait to see further updates!

I might fix some bugs and clean up the code, but I don't think I will work on it much more unfortunately. I just have too many other projects to work on. However the source is out there and anyone could add to it.

i broke the game

Congrats! :D

not realy i couldn't restart because the clicker what out and the ship wont crash

You can press enter and go to the build mode from the menu

oh i dident know that thanks