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hhow to fly?


what are the controls?


earth is flat!


Yes, you right =)

oh man, I love this! the pico 8 is so powerful...


Couldn't get it to launch....



Awesome game! Could you just please make a downloadable version? Thanks!

Uhhh... How do you progress and reach other planets. I just keep flying out of the screen and it glitches out. how do you win.

good so far and has some serious potential. some more parts and a big map would be nice, maybe even some more planets. I cant wait to see further updates!

I might fix some bugs and clean up the code, but I don't think I will work on it much more unfortunately. I just have too many other projects to work on. However the source is out there and anyone could add to it.

i broke the game

Congrats! :D

not realy i couldn't restart because the clicker what out and the ship wont crash

You can press enter and go to the build mode from the menu

oh i dident know that thanks