A few postrelease hotfixes

Hi! Hope you like Prokuv'o!

Here's a few post-release problems I found and fixed:

  • Changed color of background from white to reddish.
  • Extended house wall sprite in main menu to prevent users with unusually wide screen ratios seeing the end of it.
  • Menu scaling is now solely height-relative
  • Fixed a bug where the broom would be unusable after restarting
  • Fixed a bug where "quit" option in main menu was unselectable
  • The mouse is now hidden by default
  • Music TV channel is now louder
  • Extended interaction reach of entrance doors
  • Guests now also complain about excessive dirt. This happens if there is more than 2 dirt stains. So, clean up quickly.
  • Results now show time, the duration of promaja (draft) and how long did the guests complain about dirt.
  • Total score is now calculated which takes into account all scores and penalties

And now I'm off to bed, finally


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Version 9 Dec 27, 2019

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