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There doesn't appear to be much guidance on how to progress in the game. I'm basically just moving the mouse up and down randomly.


Sooo lovely! Makes me wanna go to Amsterdam.


Cool gamestart/intro (like a console-game's cutscene) & I like that it's similar to 3d in graphics, e.g. moving your character in more than just 2 directions.

I adore the water-reflecions in graphics, while I'd expect my player getting designed more custom e.g. gender, colours of clothes, type of accessoires, etc.

Cool hint of the interaction with keyboard on those building's windows. npc's with bikes do ride them slightly lowered somehow (their weels look bit burried in the pavement).

Exploring the city, bridge and unusual bike next to it, with missing tires & bicycle on the floor (hit by wind?) look quite realistic. While a tree underwater and through that building sounds bit odd somehow.

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Lovely little experience and wonderful depiction of Amsterdam!

sing to win

kuel can't wait play

This is simply amazing! Not only the procedural music is fascinating, but the art itself is also really nice, setting a wonderful atmosphere.


Really had a blast with this game! Fun concept, great mechanics, nice art style and setting. It played smoothly for me, didn't really have any stuttering, and I appreciate you adding a worry free mode even though I didn't use it. Good job, guys!

This was so entertaining to watch!! Such a nice video, thanks for playing our game!

i love this sm


super cool but very difficult :)