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It instantky closes and turns off my screen for about 5 seconds. I extracted the files, what did i do wrong?

That is what is supposed to happen. I thought something was wrong as well the first time I played it.


This is probably the most extreme I've seen the psx style texture warping done. And it worked very well with the mood of the game.


I loved the creepy enviroment and the Finnish man (I think it's Finnish that he's speaking) chasing you without end.

I love the color palette and lighting in this. It gives it an unearthly quality that's effective for a horror game. Intriguing setup with the heartbeat and tree, and awesome that you're working on your own game engine.

We didn't asked to be brought to this world. But after attempting to play this game I wonder: would it be better if we asked and then got rejected? Cause this is exactly what happened to me...

Couldn't get an SS but it crashes after printing "End Mesh Gen"

There's no pics?


Scary game. Scarier graphic bugs.


Best review



It looks like a corrupted Slenderman
There's some flying trees near the houses
The tree in the square building is flickering a bit when you move

otherwise it looks nice

EDIT : I just turned the sound on and now i'm terrified


Thanks! Flying trees? You must be seEeEEEEeeeeEEeing things.